Provoked-The disappearing Coral reefs.

Out of sight, out of mind. 

That’s how you all view me. You think i don’t matter, but what if you knew me? 

I am home to a quarter of all marine life,

I help you to breath but my sickness is rife. 

I feed lots of the the fish that you all like to eat, 

But with the greed of you humans, i cannot compete. 

This oceans too warm for me to survive, 

So ill sit here and wait, for death to arrive. 

When it comes i’ll take with me your tourism trade, 

Whole countries will disappear into the shade.

Billions in revenue i bring you each year, 

You would not have a thing, if i wasn’t here. 

Do you not think it’s stunning, the colours i glow? 

I beg of you please, help me to grow. 

Turn off your car, reduce your pollution, 

It’s the little things you do that create the solution. 

8 million tonnes of your waste in the ocean,

so please clean it up and show your devotion. 

Tell the fisherman stop with his deep sea trawling,

The damage he causes is truly appalling. 

With a few small changes you can keep me alive, 

and give me the space, to grow and to thrive.

In return i’ll keep shining as bright as i can

giving life to the fish and fish to the man. 

Image result for coral reef



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